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You’ve reached the résumé writing services page  of The Résumé Center operated by Jerry Bills, Ph.D. (Ethics), MBA (Finance), CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) and the world’s premier résumé/CV writer recognized as the “Résumé Wonk,” and Dr. Jerry also holds the designation of CPCC (Certified Professional Career Coach).

With hundreds, if not thousands, of résumé writing firms on the WWW, what allows us to stand out from the crowd?

This website is the only firm in the world dedicated to writing professional résumés and cover letters that is operated by a professional writer with a doctorate degree and, most importantly, this firm has been in business for nearly three decades – Dr. Jerry is now serving his third generation of clients.  In a business that is ‘easy in – easy out’ and generally does not require licensing, stability is a great leveler.  We have satisfied more than 34,000 clients (and dis-satisfied less than a dozen) and that is a record we think is valuable.

When it comes to résumés and CVs, Dr. Jerry is known to “Grok” completely.  The word was coined by science fiction author Robert Heinlein in the book “Stranger in a Strange Land.” The word means to understand (something) intuitively or with complete empathy. It also means to empathize or communicate sympathetically; establishing a complete rapport. Anyone can blow smoke at you and tell you that your résumé is OK except for a few minor tweaks (and then offer to tweak it for a fee) – but it is difficult to find someone that will tell you where you have gone wrong and also recommend how you can fix the problem.  This is why the principles of this firm are so unique and why they are both respected and feared by the industry they represent.

As noted, Dr. Jerry is also called the “Résumé Work” (Wonk [noun] “Someone who studies a subject or topic so thoroughly and so completely that he becomes an expert for all to admire.”) Dr. Jerry has written more than 34,000 success stories and would like to write yours. Dr. Jerry has more than three decades of experience, and is known, internationally, as the “best résumé writer in the industry” Dr. Jerry has won many awards, including “best résumé,” “best functional résumé,” “best certified professional résumé writer,” “best résumé tips provider,” and “best executive resume writer.”  The fees charged by the firm are some of the lowest anywhere for such high quality service – price and the quality of produced products are the principle reasons why the firm has been so successful for so many years. Some firms actually charge more than triple for similar services and they use contract writers without Dr. Jerry’s credentials.  If you get stuck with a contract résumé writer, the best move is a 180 degree exit and sooner, rather than later.  If you cannot ‘Google’ your writer and get results, it is likely that the writer is not well known in the industry.  Cost does not make value.  Experience is of critical importance and Dr. Jerry agrees to work without payment if you have an occupation or a desired career path that he has not dealt with.

The firm’s Mission Statement: “The best results at the best value.”

The firm’s promise: “Dr. Jerry will be the only writer to write your resume (because you must know who you are working with) and he will be available to help you with all job search issues at any time.”

Want a prospective employer to read your resume and call?

Not getting interviews?

If you are not getting interviews, the problem is ALWAYS with your résumé.

Don’t leave this site until you e-mail your present résumé/CV to JerryBills@reagan.com for a no obligation review.  The review is a full and detailed evaluation of your current documents – you will not be solicited in the future nor will your data be stored anywhere or used in any manner.  Confidentiality is key in this industry.  You can discuss the review, in detail,  with Dr. Jerry without paying a consulting fee.

Checkout Dr. Jerry’s credentials on thumbtack.com


Blame the résumé and not yourself!

So What’s In It for Me, you ask?

Dr. Jerry tells his clients that a professional résumé does not cost anything for if you go to work even a day earlier because of a better résumé, then you have made a profit and since it is always about the money, here are the firm’s fees presented early so you can get beyond whether you can afford to have professional help.

Guaranteed Results – If you don’t get interviews in 30 days with a resume written by Dr. Jerry, he will rewrite it for FREE as often as necessary until it does produce interviews.

Service #1: If you unemployed, underemployed,  in any career stage, or have an existing resume that only needs ‘tweaking’? Dr. Jerry will give you a break and will write a completely new Résumé and Cover Letter for a flat fee of $148.


Can you write your own resume?  Of course you can. But if you don’t get interviews who do you blame?  Can you spend more money?  Of course you can.  But cost does not equate to value.  Can you spend less money?  On course you can.  But the pleasure of a low prices does not translate into a job.  This service, under normal conditions, would cost between $249 and $699 but for those who are currently unemployed, underemployed, or those with an existing résumé, it is priced at only $148, because the firm understands just how difficult it is to be unemployed.  If you go to work even one day sooner with a professionally written résumé by Dr. Jerry than the cost translates  into a profit.  The price for Service #1 (professional writing service) is priced at only $148, because the firm understands that while 99% of all resumés are bad, many of them are developed by individuals who think they can do the job as well as someone that has written more than 34,000. The service is his highest priced service and includes a new cover letter, however there will also be an extended interview for clarity.  The new résumé will be delivered to you in draft and you can discuss any issues directly with Dr. Jerry. This service includes the new résumé delivered in two formats (printable and scannable) – in other words, everything you need for a successful search. Moreover, the printable format can be easily edited in the future by you. This service is aooropriate for Information Technology professionals quoted through Thumbtack.com or those in IT with reasonal expectations and is appropriate for individuals desiring a career/industry change or opportunities working with the government (Federal or State). Most importantly, this Service is not an entry-level or cookie-cutter résumé but a document written personally by Dr. Jerry that he guarantees will bring you interviews.

Items included:

An intensive interview with Dr. Jerry which will always include interview coaching; a completely new Résumé and includes a cover letter.  The tweaked current résumé and the cover letter, as final documents, are delivered in two formats (in MS-Word and PDF);

2. Completely New Résumé for Leadership, Middle-Management, or senior Management Positions – $148 flat fee.

(Compare other sites at $395 to $2,495).  This service is a completely new résumé written from scratch and it is ideal for candidates with an interest in seeking leadership or a governmental type of opportunity. This package, like every package offered by the firm includes a cover letter plus all the documents you will ever need for a successful search. This service also includes an intensive personal interview by Dr. Jerry.

Items included:

An intensive interview with Dr. Jerry which will always include some interview coaching; A new Résumé (in MS-Word and PDF formats); and a Cover Letter.

3.  Miscellaneous Services

The firm now offers some individual services including:

4(a) Cover Letter Only priced at exactly $39

4(b) “Rush” – if you need your résumé within only 5 business hours, we will drop everything for an extra price of $49

4(c) “Version in ASCII” – while many people can do this conversion on their own, it does take some computer expertise and we will provide a copy of your own résumé or one that we write for you for in this format including technical editing for an extra price of exactly $9.

The cost for only a cover letter is $39.  Forward a copy of your current résumé/CV, click here, set the counter to “cover letter only”, and click “Buy Now” to start the process. Some 18% of Dr. Jerry’s new business is ‘cover letter only’ service.

Items included:

Except for the cover letter only where there is no interview and the fee is only $39, all services come with a cover letter and neither service includes a detailed telephonic interview; however, Dr. Jerry will provide you interview coaching; then deliver the polished résumé or other documents to you in MS-Word and PDF formats. The MS-Word format (also known as the printable format) can be easily modified by you in the future.

All services include a new résumé, a Cover Letter

Dr. Jerry strongly believes that no résumé should ever cost more than $150. After all, times are tough and it would be foolish to pay more than double or more on other websites for what you can get on this website for $109 or less. Most importantly, if your present résumé needs only a minor polish, don’t pay for a new résumé developed from scratch, when, for only $109 you can have a document with a “wow” factor.

Questions? If you would like to consult with Dr. Jerry, then dial 719.447.1147 (his direct line).  Dr. Jerry operates in the Mountain Time Zone, so plan accordingly.  His office hours are from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm – Monday through Thursday and from 7:30 am to Noon on Friday.  Dr. Jerry works 24/7 but does not answer incoming calls after business hours as he does not work from home (like many in this industry).

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